SALT At Our Kakaako is a popular place to eat and shop among locals and tourists alike. Along Auahi Street is a minimalistic shop that is very popular with Japanese tourists. When passing by this shop, you will see some swimsuits, clothes, jewelry, and Hawaii based products. But you’ll also see a counter to the right serving desserts. It seems odd that a clothing store is selling food, but trust me, this is the spot. Whenever I go in, I’m always greeted with a smile by one of the owners. According to him, Urban Island Society is run by just three people, including himself.


Urban Island Society

Urban Island Society has slowly started to roll out more sweet creations, but let’s start with the original that caught my eye. The Lemon Milk. Now, I know in your mind, lemon and milk don’t mix but hear me out. I did a little Google searching and turns out that there is an actual lemon milk drink from Tochigi, Japan called Kanto Tochigi Lemon. In Urban Island Society’s version, they don’t mix lemon juice with milk or else that would create a cottage cheese type texture. Instead, they place a lemon wedge slice at the bottom of your drink. You have four flavor options to choose from; Matcha, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Mango. I’ve tried the strawberry, and it tastes like strawberry cheesecake with a hint of lemon at the end. It’s delightful. But to make it better, you can get your drink topped with cotton candy or boba! Typically cotton candy is too artificial tasting for many, but this cotton candy is much different. It is insanely fluffy and melts in your mouth. You get a lot on top of your drink, but I swear its light tasting and is worth a try.


Urban Island Society

One of their new creations is mixing lemon milk, ice cream, and boba. What a mix! I’ve never had ice cream with boba before, and I already loved their strawberry lemon milk. The owner even gives you an extra cup of lemon milk just in case you run out. The boba is not too hard and not too soft. The owner makes it fresh in the shop. I had to wait five minutes for them to finish cooking it. The vanilla ice cream makes the drink thicker, creamier, and even more delicious.


Urban Island Society

If you’re a foodie like me, you spend hours scrolling through your IG feed, looking at the new food trends. A popular trend is the ice cream burrito. An ice cream burrito is cotton candy wrapped around ice cream. Usually, these are ginormous, but Urban Island Society makes a smaller version that is both colorful and light. The owner gives you napkins and a spoon to eat with. Warning that it does melt fast, so take your pictures quickly, especially on a hot day. When eating it, it tasted like birthday cake ice cream.


Malasadas are a Hawaii classic. If you don’t know what malasadas are, malasadas are Portuguese donuts. They usually don’t have a filling, but at this shop, it is stuffed with vanilla ice cream, boba, and black sugar syrup. It is quite filling and messy to eat but indeed an excellent finish to your meal.


Urban Island Society is a hidden gem that everyone needs to visit. They offer unique desserts that will satisfy the whole family. They also have two stores abroad in Tokyo, Japan, and Da Nang, Vietnam. You’re always greeted with a smile and will leave happy. Make sure to follow their Instagram to be updated with any new items. Don’t forget to shop around and pick up a t-shirt or some sunglasses!

Urban Island Society
685 Auahi St Ste 116
Honolulu, HI 96813
Ph: 808-462-9048

Tatiana Brittian
Tatiana Brittian

Food is the only language we all speak so why not share it through photos! Tatiana is a Georgia native currently attending Hawaii Pacific University in downtown Honolulu. She enjoys eating out with friends and always let's the camera eat first. Along side taking photos of food and being a student, she runs a YouTube channel where she talks about her college life (Alohatati143). She loves anything cute, chocolaty, and crunchy. Follow her food adventures on her Instagram @eatingwithtati.

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