Poké is a hugely popular food item throughout the Hawaiian Islands and recently has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world. It seems that in the last five years or so poké shops have popped up everywhere. Many poke restaurants have even adopted a similar ordering style as Chipotle, with the ‘build your own’ poké bowl option.

South Maui Fish Company
South Maui Fish Company food truck

Located off South Kihei Road in Kihei, Hawaii the South Maui Fish Co. food truck can be found nestled in the corner of a parking lot. Its bright red paint job makes it easily spottable for people walking by or for those intentionally seeking it out. With poké becoming so mainstream, more and more people are familiar with the dish and enjoy eating it. 

Walking up to the little red food truck visitors are greeted with friendly service and the aroma of the grill going. There is almost always a guaranteed line, as this truck is one of the most popular on Maui. Many tourists visit South Maui Fish Co. multiple times throughout their short trip because the food is that good!

South Maui Fish Company
Menu and specials

The menu at South Maui Fish Co. is displayed on the front of the truck right where the line forms so customers can decide what they want while they wait. There are a variety of options on the menu for those who may not want poké, such as fish tacos, a curry plate, or a grilled fish plate. The truck also offers gluten-free and vegan options as well, however, the main reason why people stop by South Maui Fish Co. is for the poké.

South Maui Fish Company
Traditional Style Poké - Ahi seasoned with sweet onions, sesame, and a homemade shoyu glaze

There are two styles of poké offered, traditional and spicy. The traditional is the most popular; it consists of diced ahi seasoned with sweet onions, sesame, and a homemade shoyu glaze. The poké is served in generous portions accompanied by hot white rice sprinkled with furikake and sesame seeds. Poké from South Maui Fish Co. is some of the best poké people will ever experience because the fish is the freshest one can get. The fish is caught daily, and those who order the poké can truly tell how fresh it is by the pigmentation of the fish and how it just melts in your mouth.

South Maui Fish Company

TIP: This family-run business sells out EVERY DAY. A little tip for those seeking to give their food a try- go early! They open at 11 am and typically sell out within hours of opening.


South Maui Fish Co. is a place I personally visit quite regularly and it never disappoints. It has ruined me for poké anywhere else, especially the mainland. This food truck sets itself apart from the countless food trucks in Hawaii by providing an enjoyable foodie destination for locals and tourists to come, eat, and support a local business.

South Maui Fish Company
22 Alahele Place
Kihei, HI 96753
Ph: 808-419-8980