The air is getting cooler, and the season’s changing from summer to fall, which can only mean one thing… it’s pumpkin spice season! Although fall in Maui does not feel like fall in the traditional sense, coffee shops here are now offering their selections of pumpkin flavored beverages and pastries. As an avid follower of the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) I set out on a quest to visit Maui’s most instagram-worthy coffee joints to try their variations of pumpkin spice lattes while taking in all the cute coffee shop vibes. 


My first stop was Akamai Coffee Co. in Kihei. This coffee shop has a big fan base here on Maui, for they are known for their locally grown and roasted coffee. The shop itself has a modern interior, with various wood and plant details throughout to give it that aesthetic cafe feel. The bar area is picturesque for snapping that perfect shot of your latte art! One thing that sets this coffee shop apart is that it has a convenient drive-thru, and their to-go cups are just as insta-worthy as their lattes.

Akamai Coffee Co.
1325 South Kihei Road Ste. 100
Kihei, HI 96753
Ph: 808-868-3251


The next cute coffee shop on my list was Sip Me in Makawao. Being in upcountry, this shop is more frequently visited by locals. I especially like to visit this coffee joint because it is located in the historic part of Makawao, so it is nice to enjoy your coffee to-go while browsing the surrounding shops. When drinking their coffee you can really taste the quality and craft that goes into making it. Their latte art is different every time I visit; they do not stick to the basic leaf design, instead, keep it more simple. When I think of Sip Me, one word comes to mind, “chill”. This shop is very quaint and relaxing, providing an ideal study environment for students. What makes Sip Me an insta-worthy coffee shop in Maui is its minimalistic aesthetic adorned with delicate succulents at every table and its beautiful beverages.

Sip Me
3617 Baldwin Avenue
Makawao, HI 96768
Ph: 808-573-2340


My final destination was Belle Surf Cafe in Lahaina. This recently opened location is right off the busy Front Street along the Lahaina Harbor, so they attract quite a lot of tourists. As you walk up to this coffee shop you first come to the outside patio. This outdoor seating area is without a doubt very instagrammable right off the bat. The Bohemian style decor with the subtle beachy accents make this coffee shop such an enjoyable place to sit, sip, and relax. This coffee shop also offers a pretty substantial brunch menu with sweet and savory crepes, avocado toast, and yogurt bowls. In my opinion, Belle Surf Cafe has the best coffee drinks on Maui- so smooth and delicious, while being so aesthetically appealing!

Belle Surf Cafe
640 Front Street
Lahaina, HI 96761
Ph: 808-446-3709


Maui’s overall selection of coffee shops is fairly slim, but each one has its own unique charm and character. The three locations I chose to visit are my personal favorite coffee spots on the island to grab a quick drink, study, or meet up with friends. These cafes are all spread out in different parts of Maui, so no matter where you are on the island, you know there’s a cute coffee shop nearby. Fall time in Maui may not be cold like how it is in the Mainland, but no matter where I am October always brings me the feeling of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and cozying up with a warm beverage. Through all of this cute coffee shop hopping, I can certainly say fall is in the air, I got my pumpkin spice fix and I’m left feeling extremely caffeinated!