We all have that one place we grew up eating at. Honestly, one of my go-to’s was McDonald’s and saying “Hi” to all the elderly with their 6am senior coffee and egg McMuffins. Another one was and still is Sekiya’s. It’s not fancy. It’s old. Sometimes the food takes a while to arrive, but the food is consistent and never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Sekiya’s was originally called “School Delicatessen” because it first opened on School Street. In 1947, they moved to Kapahulu, and in 1955 they moved to their final and current location on Kaimuki Avenue. 

I bet most of you did not know that Sekiya’s is also a delicatessen, or okazuya (in Japanese). If you’re not an early bird like myself, come by and check out their okazuya because they open at 8am! Most other okazuyas open at 6am and are out of most of the food by 8am. Feel free to eat your okazuya in the restaurant or take it to-go. 

If you’re dining, make sure to check the sign to see if you should “seat yourself” or “wait to be seated.” It seems to vary, so keep your eyes peeled…don’t want to look like a fool and stand around waiting for someone to seat you.

Small Wun Ton Min and Hamburger Deluxe Combo

The menu at Sekiya’s is extensive. You’ll probably want to order more than your tummy can handle. If you don’t know where to start, try the small wun ton min and hamburger deluxe combo ($12.75) with a side order of yakitori (chicken skewers, 2 sticks for $4.05). It’s a classic. I love the shrimp base and squiggly noodles, and the hamburger deluxe has a delicious mayo/mustard/relish spread that I am addicted to. Watch out though, the burger has a ton of raw onions…hello dragon breathe! The yakitori is a nice extra bite on the side. 


The combination special ($18.95) is a popular choice as well. Pick two items: shrimp tempura, ahi tempura, mahimahi tempura, vegetable tempura, beef teriyaki, pork teriyaki, yakitori chicken, fried ahi, fried mahimahi, tonkatsu, chicken katsu, marinated fried chicken, nitsuke ahi, or nitsuke butterfish (add $3.85). The combination also includes rice, miso soup, tsukemono, and green tea. My recommendation would definitely be the shrimp tempura and marinated fried chicken.

Combination Special (Shrimp Tempura & Marinated Fried Chicken)

As you can see, the shrimp tempura at Sekiya’s is HUGE! And looks nothing like any other shrimp tempura you’ve ever seen. They actually splice two shrimp together to make one enormous tempura. 

The marinated chicken is probably my favorite item on the menu and is a hit with everyone. Tip: ask for extra sauce for the chicken. The small little container they provide is not nearly enough. I wish I asked for more.

Nabeyaki Udon

In times when I need a warm hug, I gravitate towards the nabeyaki udon. It’s not the best, but something about it makes me all warm inside. Like someone is giving me a hug and telling me everything will be alright. It’s filled with chicken, shiitake mushrooms, makina (chinese cabbage), watercress, shrimp, and egg. CRAZY FACT: the shrimp in the nabeyaki udon is different from the one served in the combination special. The one in the udon is the okazuya shrimp tempura, which is made with a thicker, sweeter batter. I like both. 


We can’t forget about dessert! There’s always room for dessert! Actually, there’s a second tummy for dessert. You’re at an old school diner. Get yourself an old school sundae or banana split. No homemade ice cream, no fancy flavors. Just vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whip cream and a cherry on top. The end. You’re done. Happy belly, happy life.

Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen
2746 Kaimuki Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
Ph: 808-732-1656