NOM Kauai absolutely kills the brunch scene on the Garden Isle. Scratch-made and locally sourced, NOM Kauai takes made from scratch southern comfort and infuses it with grown on Kauai ingredients. NOM adds dishes that are fresh and new to the local food scene. It is no wonder NOM has outgrown its bright red food truck and turned into an established eatery in Kapa’a town. With dishes like Scratch-Made Biscuits smothered in Spicy Sausage Gravy, you really can’t go wrong.

Nom Kauai
The Southern Chick: Biscuits and Gravy turned into a Chicken Sandwich MONSTER

When I first heard about NOM, I thought to myself, “This is IT, I have found the biscuits and gravy I have been searching for!” So initially, I went for the Biscuits and Gravy but I go back as often as I can for the CHICKEN! Yes, you read that correctly. CHICKEN. Any way I can get it, I order it. It started with the Chicken and Waffles, then The Southern Chick, and now I can’t get enough of The Basic Chick. NOM’s Buttermilk Chicken is far from basic no matter what sandwich it’s in. It will have you ordering your meal with an extra chicken breast.

Nom Kauai
The Basic Chick: It isn’t for Basic Appetites

From savory to sweet, NOM can pretty much fulfill any and all cravings. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, they have the Toasty Elvis or Breakie Balls! Looking for a quick fix that is deep-fried and full of love, Fried Green Tomatoes have you covered. NOM may be a small place but it’s for those that have HUGE appetites. Come hungry or bring friends, either way, you can’t go wrong because NOM Kauai is that sweet southern comfort you’re looking for.

Nom Kauai
The Toasty Elvis

Now, if you’re on the Garden Island of Kaua’i you must not miss out on this small red, black, and white gem for Breakfast, Lunch, or the combination of the two: BRUNCH! Come hungry but be prepared to wait a bit! Unless you just so happen to have a four-leaf clover or you are just there at the right time, don’t forget to pack your patience! NOM is a small establishment. That means it can only hold so many people. Don’t let the wait time discourage you, it is more than worth it!

Stay tuned though! NOM announced on their Instagram that they are moving into a bigger space and are looking at serving dinner! Words cannot express how excited I am to see what might be cooking in their dinner kitchen. Don’t forget to follow NOM Kauai on Instagram @nomkauai to stay in the loop!


Nom Kauai
4-1101 Kuhio Highway
Kapaa, HI 96746
Ph: 808-635-5903

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Raised in San Francisco, CA, Lyss has always had a melting pot of great food from different cultures at her fingertips along with the appetite to consume it all. No matter where she traveled she always based her adventures around the best places to eat! Being Hawaiian but never having lived in Hawaii, she moved to the islands for love and to learn more about her culture by eating her way through the islands. Join her adventures on her home island of Kauai or sneak a peek of her travels on her Instagram @cravinghawaii

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