Okay, so do you remember the restaurant Ah-Lang who was known for the angry Korean lady?! Well I think the aunty at LuluRara may have just won that title.  Honestly, if you can get past the fact that she can have a little attitude and be a little bossy, it’s all in fun. She’s actually really nice once you warm up to her and you can feel her true passion in her food when you eat it. I won’t lie, I was a little intimidated the first time I went.. and I’m Korean! Thought she would give me some slack but she ordered me and my friend around and told us how to cook the meat. Don’t be alarmed if she just grabs the tongs out of your hands to show you how it’s done!

Line of hungry people outside LuLuRaRa


Yakiniku LuLuRaRa is a small hole-in-the-wall joint, located on Keaamoku across from McDonald’s. Typically there’s a wait outside, especially on weekends but that’s how you know it’s good! It’s literally run by a mom and pop. The aunty runs the front and the man in the kitchen, I’m assuming is her husband, preps and cooks all the food. So give her some slack because I know it can’t be easy running a small restaurant like that!

Kalbi coated with granulated sugar

What draws me to Yakiniku LuLuRaRa over other yakiniku restaurants, is not only the selection of meat choices they have such as brisket, beef tongue and kalbi but also the quality of the meat. It is definitely better quality than other yakiniku restaurants I have been to. The kalbi is not your typical kabli marinated in sauce. Instead, it’s coated with granulated sugar which when grilled, turns into a perfect caramelization. 

The brisket and pork belly is another must on the menu. They don’t have a lot of seafood items, sorry for all you non-meat eaters, but they do have dishes like kimchee fried rice, miso hot pot, seafood pancake and my favorite, steamed egg.  All available to order for AYCE plus a nice variety of banchan.

For $29.99 per person ($24.99 for kids), it might seem a little pricier compared to some other AYCE yakiniku places. But if you want quality then it is so worth it. And if you’re a big eater, then it’s an even better deal because she loads the plate up with a pretty generous amount of meat. If you don’t think you can eat it all, I recommend ordering half-orders. You will save yourself the pain of having to finish it all as well her yelling at you for not finishing your food. Totally kidding…

My favorite side item - Steamed egg
Grilling pork belly and brisket


Hurray! Yep, literally what the name of the restaurant means. It’s an expression of joy which is exactly how I feel when I eat here. Food is the key to my heart and LuluRaRa definitely hits the spot for me.

Yakiniku LuLuRaRa
911 Keaamoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
Ph: 808-941-9112