With the name Dior Cafe, you can pretty much guess that this place lives up to the name. In one word: Boujie (aka one expensive cafe). Located next to the Dior boutique at Ala Moana, Dior Cafe took over Island Vintage Coffee. The decor may be different and classier, but I can’t help but think it still has the feeling of being at Island Vintage. So was it worth it? I had to see for myself.

Dior Cafe

Although there is a counter, you actually get seated with a menu when entering. They don’t allow any to-go or take out, that goes for the coffees and drinks as well. The menu consists of desserts, coffees, and teas. Not a whole lot to choose from but I like the simplicity of it. As for the prices, well it’s definitely not cheap. For $19 a dessert and $13 for a drink, it almost costs more than going out for dinner! But then again, this is the price you pay for luxury.


Dior Cafe
Iced Dior Rose Latte ($15)

The Dior Rose Latte immediately caught my eye as I love rose lattes (I also recommend the one at Lady M Cake Boutique). Since it was a hot day and Dior Cafe is an outdoor venue, I decided to get it iced. The latte was beautifully presented with rose petals around it. The quality of the coffee was definitely good but I did feel like the rose was a little too overpowering for my taste.

Dior Cafe
Dior Acai Bowl ($19)

The Dior Acai Bowl was probably one of the most surprising things on the menu that tasted better than I expected. It’s not your ordinary Acai bowl. The Dior one is filled with organic acai, rose water, collagen, almond milk, apple juice and topped with fresh fruit, organic honey, and bee pollen. Very fancy indeed but so delicious and refreshing on a hot day.

Dior Cafe
Dior Parfait ($19)

My most favorite, hands down was the Dior Parfait. Consisting of a super-rich and creamy vanilla gelato, berries, fresh mascarpone cream topped with granola. This is a must if you come here! I think the mascarpone cream is what makes it taste so good. Like a creamy gelato cheesecake.. worth every bite and the calories! Honestly, I couldn’t stop myself even after I told myself that it would be my last bite.

Dior Cafe
Dior POG Shave Ice ($19)

On a recent visit to the Dior Cafe, I decided to try their Dior POG Shave Ice. It might sound crazy to spend $19 on shave ice… and I totally agree! But I wanted to see what made this shave ice so special. Well, the syrup they use is a fresh fruit syrup of passion fruit, orange, and guava, topped with condensed milk. The ice was super soft like snow and in the center is a nice generous scoop of vanilla gelato. The only thing that was missing for me was boba! But honestly, I really enjoyed it and it was enough for 2-3 people to share.


So was the Dior Cafe worth the hefty penny? Totally! But realistically, it’s not somewhere I would go all the time. For a special once-in-a-while treat then I say go for it. Also on that note, currently the cafe is a pop-up and is supposed to be around for another 4 months. If it does well, however, they may just stick around. Either way, I say treat yourself and enjoy!

Dior Cafe
Ala Moana Center
1450 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814
Ph: 808-638-4731