Who makes the best burger is a contentious topic, not only here, but everywhere in the U.S. But, I think the Butcher & Bird Dry-Aged Rib Cap Cheeseburger is a strong contender.

For those of you that don’t know Chuck Wakeman once worked at The Whole Ox Deli and The Pig & The Lady, among other popular local establishments. So, when he announced the opening of his own butcher shop at SALT Kakaako, I couldn’t wait to see what he’d do on his own. And, of course, Chuck didn’t disappoint.

The Butcher & Bird is an ode to meat. Of course, they sell fantastic cuts of beef, lamb, pork, and more, but they also make their own sausage, charcuterie, spice blends, pickles, sauces, and now they sharpen knives too. But if you’re not handy in the kitchen or want a quick bite, you can dine-in or takeout from Butcher & Bird too.


Most days, you’ll find a variety of sausages, sandwiches, and a burger on the menu. But, they have frequent specials too, so check out their Instagram for the latest. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll find some Brownie Butcher cookies, bars, and brownies there too. The Campfire Brownie is one of the best brownies you can order anyway, in my opinion.

Campfire Brownie at Butcher & Bird
Campfire Brownie


Their standard burger is a $16 double cheeseburger comprised of two grass-fed beef patties, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It’s a solid burger, but if it’s cooked well-done, it’s a bit dry for my liking.

Double cheeseburger at Butcher & Bird
Double Cheeseburger ($16)

Other burgers I’ve had at Butcher & Bird are specials like the Bone Marrow Butter and the Ox Burger. Both are fantastic, especially if you miss The Whole Ox Deli’s grilled onion and caper mayo burger. But the real star of the show is the Dry-Aged Rib Cap Cheeseburger.


This is another menu item that requires a lot of luck to get. It’s a special that appears only on occasion, so keep an eye on their Instagram if you want to try it. But what makes this burger so unique? It’s the meat.

Dry Aged Ribeye Cap Burger at Butcher & Bird
Dry Aged Ribeye Cap Burger ($15)

The Dry-Aged Rib Cap Cheeseburger stacks two 8-ounce dry-aged rib cap burgers smothered with cheddar between two fluffy buns smeared with mayo. And, to me, that’s all you need. You don’t want to cover-up the flavor of the burgers, so less is definitely more.

And the meat really does shine through. The irregularly shaped, loosely packed (but not crumbly) patties have a nice crust on the outside. But, on the inside, they remain tender, juicy, and toothsome thanks to the perfect medium doneness. The flavor is an intense, pure beef flavor with nuances of blue cheese funk that is typical of dry-aged beef. It’s like eating a high-end steak; only you don’t need a fork and knife to do so. Plus, the mayo and cheese help to accentuate and marry the flavors with the soft, toasty bun. I do wish there was slightly less mayo, though.

It’s important to note, though, that the Butcher & Bird doesn’t have a deep fryer. So, don’t expect fries with your burger. What you will get are thick, wavy chips and some of their zesty house-made pickles.

Dry Aged Ribeye Cap Burger at Butcher & Bird
Dry Aged Ribeye Cap Burger ($15)


Ironically, the Butcher & Bird Dry-Aged Rib Cap Cheeseburger was priced at $15 during their initial launch. That’s cheaper than the standard Double Cheeseburger, though it’s still more expensive than the average burger. But is it worth it?  YES.  I’d rather eat this burger than get a $100 steak at a high-end steakhouse, and I’m a guy that loves a good steak.  However, I think this burger captures the essence of the greatest steak in the world and builds upon it. Fantastic job, Chuck!

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Butcher & Bird
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