Seems kind of counter-intuitive to go to a hot dog spot in search for the best burger, right? But that’s exactly what I did for my third burger pursuit burger. So, let’s check out the HankBurger at Hank’s Haute Dog.


For years now, I’ve heard that Hank’s makes a good burger. But, I’ve always had a hard time getting away from ordering my usual, even though my usual is a little, uh, boring.  ou see, at Hank’s, I normally get the Bratwurst or Francois with a side of Beef Fat Fries. I used to love the Portuguese Dog, but they’ve since taken it off the menu and jammed the Portuguese Sausage into the Hawaiian Dog with pineapple. I’ve also tried the Kobe Dog, which, to me, tastes like a NORMAL hot dog. The Lobster Dog was equally disappointing, which tastes like kamaboko, in my opinion. So, I’ve come to shy away from the bougier sounding stuff, though I still need to try the Fat Boy.

The HankBurger


Originally, the HankBurger was a special menu item. But, it proved to be so popular that it eventually joined the permanent menu. Unlike many of the dogs on the menu, though,  the HankBurger keeps things simple. Jammed into a puffy bun, you get a 1/3 lb char-grilled seasoned beef patty, diced onions, shredded lettuce, tomato, and Hank Sauce for $7.95.  Want cheese? A slice of American, Cheddar or Swiss cheese will set you back another $0.75, while Hank’s truffle cheese cause comes in at a whopping $2. You can also add on bacon for $1, avocado for $1.25, and sauteed herb mushrooms for $1. Combos with fries, a haute dip, and tropical refreshment cost an extra $5.50.

The HankBurger


For my HankBurger, I went with the burgers sans add-ons except for American cheese ($8.70). I also got my usual side of Beef Fat Fries with the Curry Ketchup.

Right off the bat, I found the HankBurger’s patty to be lacking in flavor. In fact, the flavor of the overall burger comes from a combination of the bland patty and the accouterments. That, to me, makes the HankBurger nothing more than a glorified fast-food burger. And, you know, there isn’t anything wrong with that. But, I expected more from a burger that costs just under $9.

The HankBurger

It’s worth noting, though, that my burger wasn’t so dry. For some reason, the thing came out well-done. But, at least the buns are toasted? Other observations I have include wishing the tomato slice was a little thicker and that it had a better bun-to-meat ratio.

The fries were, as usual, very crunchy on the outside, while maintaining a tender interior. Unfortunately, though, this time around, the Beef Fat Fries tasted like they weren’t salted at all. Hopefully, that was a fluke. Thank goodness for the Curry Ketchup!

The HankBurger


At $8.70, the HankBurger is one of the cheaper ones on my list so far. But it’s also more expensive than the similar Chubbies 50’s Burger., which is a much better burger, in my opinion. After all, the 50’s Burger has a more pronounced beef flavor, which is what you’d want in a great burger. I mean, a burger should be about the beef, right?

So, while the HankBurger is a decent burger, I’ll stick with the hot dogs at Hank’s. Especially since you can get a better burger for less down the street.  Or, you know, a better burger for more upstairs.

The HankBurger

Hank’s Haute Dog
324 Coral Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Ph: 808-532-4265