This is part 2 of a series about Kyle's quest to find the best burgers Hawaii has to offer. Check out the other parts of ths series here.


I love a good burger but don’t always want to pay $15+ for a dry-aged rib cap cheeseburger. So, my go-to spot for a more wallet-friendly meal is the smash burgers at Chubbies Burgers.


Smash burgers are exactly what they sound like. Typically, smash burgers are made by throwing a ball of ground beef onto a griddle and smashing it into a burger. The results are burgers that are thinner than the average burger that sometimes has crispy edges.


At present, Chubbies Burgers is a food truck. They’re semi-permanently parked off of Auahi Street in the parking lot next to Starbucks and Jamba Juice, and across from Ohana Hale Market. They have a handful of tables under a large canopy for dine-in customers, or you can take your order to go. And they’re open daily from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm, but do close on certain holidays. Follow them on Instagram for the latest hours.

Chubbies Burgers


Chubbies offers a small menu featuring three different burgers. The El Rey and Ten Gallon are both piled high with toppings and costs $11. But, I stick with the 50’s Burger ($8.50) because it’s simplicity lets the flavor of the Kunoa Beef patty shine through. 

Chubbies Burgers
Left: 50s Burger, Right: Ten Gallon burger

The 50’s Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, their signature 50’s sauce (thousand island-like), and a griddled bun. I love the intense beefiness of the patty, though I think it’s better as a double. The meat-to-bun ratio isn’t quite to my liking, but it doesn’t bug me enough to stop coming (obviously). And for those of you that have been to Shake Shack before, I’d say that Chubbies’ 50’s Burger tastes a bit like their cheeseburger, only better.

Chubbies Burgers
50s Burger and Chub Fries

On the side, I’ll order their signature crinkle-cut fries if I’m not that hungry. They’re always crunchy and salted to my liking, making them easily one of my favorite fries around. But, more often than not, I’ll go for the Chub Fries.  

Chub Fries takes Chubbies’ standard crinkle-cut fries and smothers them with melted cheddar cheese, sweet grilled onions, and their zesty specialty fry sauce. It’s a glorious and indulgent combo that you definitely don’t want to eat all the time.

Chubbies Burgers
Chub fries with melted cheddar, grilled onions, and fry sauce


I love Chubbies Burgers. Their burgers and fries are both delicious, and their value is there. In fact, I’d rather go to Chubbies than Teddy’s, though I do love their garlic-seasoned tater tots and shakes.

By the way, Chubbies had vanilla soft serve for an incredibly brief period of time. I had it twice and LOVED it. Think McDonald’s vanilla cone in the best way possible, only better. I was so heart-broken when I couldn’t get it again, though they’ve said that it’s coming back soon. So keep an eye out for it and give it a try! They also had tasty lemonades in the past too, though I suspect we’ll need to wait for them to find a brick & mortar location to see that return.

Chubbies Burger rating matrix

Chubbies Burgers
960 Auahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
Ph: 808-291-7867