Although Kaka’ako is a fast developing area for both luxury condos and restaurants, there aren’t (at least to my knowledge) very many happy hour options around. Perhaps businesses in the area cater more toward visitors who are less drawn to early or late night specials. Luckily for us locals, Bevy in SALT Kaka’ako provides an option for those of us interested in looking for a deal on food and drink.

The menu at Bevy is fairly eclectic, with a mixture of different influences. On my most recent visit I noticed the addition of some Mexican influences provided by the sister restaurant next door – Taco’ako. About half of the regular food menu is available on happy hour along with the majority of the cocktail options.


Oysters at Bevy
Happy hour oysters - Goose Point and New Zealand Pacific oysters

Oysters are on special for $1.50-$2.00 each, depending on which type you order. Bevy doesn’t shortchange you with tiny oysters and also does a good job of shucking. I enjoyed the freshness of the oysters with just a squeeze of lemon (not a big mignonette fan personally). If you like oysters, these are a good value.

Grilled lemongrass prawns at Bevy
Grilled Lemongrass Prawns - Oishii shrimp, garlic, anchiote, lime

Well charred but still very tender and moist, these lemongrass shrimp packed a decent amount of flavor. I enjoyed the light lemongrass flavoring and the hint of lime. The slaw underneath was a bit of a throwaway though.

Garlic truffle fries at Bevy
Garlic Truffle Fries - Hand cut, Parmesan, black+white truffle oil

Crispy outside but tender inside, the truffle fries were a tasty item to snack on between bites of our other dishes. The truffle oil used is not overpowering with artificial flavor. Parmesan cheese added an extra bite and sharpness to help cut the oiliness of the fries.

Brussels sprouts at Bevy
Brussels Sprouts - Citrus glaze, cilantro

I love brussels sprouts, but unfortunately there weren’t so great. The citrus glaze was fairly sweet and the sprouts felt like they lacked seasoning. The flavor profile ended up becoming pretty much one-note.

Grilled elote at Bevy
Grilled Elote - Sweet corn, cotija, cayenne

Probably my favorite dish of this visit and one of the best deals on happy hour was the elote. All the ingredients hit on the entire flavor spectrum with the sweet corn, sharp cotija, spicy cayenne, and refreshing lime citrus. The slight char on the corn enhanced the natural sweetness and provided just a touch of smoke as well.

Duck at Bevy
Spiced duck breast with mushroom risotto

When we visit Bevy for happy hour I usually end up getting one dish off the regular menu. This time it was this duck and risotto dish. The duck skin was crispy, but the meat was unfortunately tough and a bit chewy. The flavors of the risotto were enjoyable, a combination of rich creaminess and earthy mushroom. A little bit of tart acid from the fruit compote rounded everything out. Overall a decent dish, but one that could’ve been great if the duck had been moist and tender.


I’ve been to Bevy a few times and the food is generally pretty good. This visit felt a little off with the brussels sprouts and the doneness on the duck. Apart from that and perhaps a minor nitpick here-and-there, the food we had was well executed and seasoned. The high points were the oysters and the elote, the latter of which makes me want to try Taco’ako next door in the future.

Service is always friendly and welcoming at Bevy. The gaps between server check-ins can be a little longer if you’re sitting outside. I prefer the lighting and openness of the outdoor seating, but the one drawback is the trolley stop right there at the curb.

I’d normally rate the dollar value of Bevy’s happy hour higher, but the two dishes mentioned above dragged that down a little for this particular visit. However, Bevy’s happy hour is one of the few in the area and generally does offer great value. Despite a few missteps, I’d recommend giving Bevy a try.

675 Auahi Street Ste. 130
Honolulu, HI 96813
Ph: 808.594.7445